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You Know What The Absolute Best Thing in the World is?

The moment you realize what I already know.....

You are the sh*t! 

But there are so many things that get in the way of your knowing this, living this, and allowing this to reverberate through everything you create. 

ARGH! (#@*!&)


Imposter syndrome makes you feel like you're not good enough EVEN IF you have all of the experience in the world. (I can't wait to show you how to qualify yourself even if you're just starting out).

And it seems like everyone else is doing what you're doing.

Which makes you second guess your life choices. It really makes you feel like what you do isn't special enough. When really, you just need a fresh angle to package your work to make it interesting, desirable and immediately valuable.

You struggle with QUICKLY telling people what you do, because you're so good at ALL of the things (and they all feel like important pieces). When we all know it's hard to see the big picture standing so close to your brand.

Finding the words that sound like YOU and OOZE with personality (and not a hodge podge of ideas found around your industry) is impossible. It feels like all of the clever and original things have been said, right? This makes showing up on social media or writing a newsletter a complete nightmare, instead of an inspired, secret love affair with your audience (as it should be).

And if we're being really honest, you feel invisible because you've been holding onto your best stuff.  Not having the right graphics, the perfect marketing strategy, and content for days keep you from ever launching. 

SO, Here's what I know to be true.........

You need so much more than pretty graphics, the perfect marketing strategy, and content for days, because all of those things without personality are simply graphics, marketing and content that get IGNORED.

The reason why you haven't figured out how to earn a full-time income with your business has nothing to do with not doing something "right" and everything to do with not doing it YOUR WAY.  When you find something deeply flawed within the world.... Build a new one. The way that you naturally approach problems is the most valuable process you'll ever develop. 


Your limited edition edge is your secret sauce and world-building is the single most important marketing strategy that addicts your people.


Black Sheep Creatives

Who Are They?

If when you see "black sheep creatives" you perk up a little more, then I'm talking to YOU. You've always felt like a black sheep because the way you approach things (and audacity with which you approach them) have been seen as "different". 

"Creative" is a way of life- simply meaning "one who creates". Who needs a box? 

You need people to get you (because you're a wonderfully complex, I felt that in my soul, edgy, brilliant at what you do, nerdy, anomaly)

Now, you want your brand to reverberate with anomaly-energy, create undeniable products and services, and build indulgent experiences with curated details that make your clients feel seen, appreciated and spoiled.

AND you want it done right the first time. No gaps. No boxes.

BrandSmash Pattern_White_Smaller.jpg
Black Balloons

Welcome To BrandSmash!

We are a brand strategy + design studio based in Hampton Roads, Virginia. People and niche businesses alike love working with us, because we are "details" people who hear the magic in your story, see the value in what you do, and spin it into fresh, personality-filled copy, design, brand positioning and sales strategy. 

Featuring A Rare Breed

We are intentionally small but mighty. We partner regularly with a powerhouse team of creatives, allowing us to scale up or down depending on the world we're building for each unique project. From prop curators, digital storytellers, illustrators, and sound engineers, each person is highly-specialized and a black sheep in his/her own right. 


The Unemployable Model

The Unemployable ™ Model is our signature approach to branding and world-building. It's a time-tested process that teases out your limited-edition edge, personality-filled words, design assets that command attention, and sales strategy that communicates in 2.5 seconds why you're undeniable and makes you insanely unforgettable. 

What We Believe

Today's economy runs off of attention. To sell what you do, the ability to hijack attention, create desire, and position your business as the obvious choice is a non-negotiable. We help brands accomplish this through world-building and by baking the following Trifecta of ingredients into the cake:

Undeniable Sheep

Be Undeniable

We become undeniable by building an epic WORLD not just an experience. Most brands simply mush together disjointed elements. Where you gain the upper hand is when you carefully craft each piece of the journey to WOW, DELIGHT, and DELIVER.....With an unbeatable experience at every single touch point. You may not be their cup of tea, but they'll never be able to deny you're just.....that......good.

Unforgettable Sheep

Be Unforgettable

When you're saying more than two things, you become forgettable. Which means you're not referrable, and your name doesn't come up when that convention is trying to think of speakers. IDEAS make you interesting, compelling and desirable. Your brand has to become allergic to basic by taking a stance and putting binge-worthy ideas out into the world- the kind that make you lick-your- own -elbow-impossible to look away from.

Limited-Edition Sheep

Be Limited Edition

Brands are fueled by details, stories and WORDS. The nuance that lives in the details make YOU you. No one has your heart, motivation, skill or quirks.... All of those things are disgustingly wrong for some and deliciously right for most. 

Rumplestiltskin those details into strands of gold that get woven into the fiber of your brand, and use them to qualify yourself as the only choice to do this work. 

Then, weave them into your stories. Stories are what slingshot people into your orbit (into your world). They inspire, allow others to feel seen and heard, and activate your people- when you sell them and not just tell them.

Lastly, create your own lexicon. Words are the building blocks of cash flow and buy-in. They're the difference between a brand that has to fight for every, single client and a brand that attracts them like a crowd to funnel cake at the state fair.

You could change everything about your business by changing nothing more than your words. But you must OWN them.  

Our Core Services




Creative Direction

Sales Strategy


Brand Identity

Logo Design

Brand Photography

Custom Illustration


Community Engagement

Marketing Direction

Campaign Creation

Brian Owens: Program Director | B-Force Accelerator

I was amazed by how quickly Deonna provided real-life examples in her workshop. She answers questions on the fly and crafts catchy phrases and branding ideas in real-time. Deonna's workshop turns what seems like abstract business plans into practical roadmaps-taking our participants from overwhelmed to confident. She utilizes great illustrations and resources (distinguishing between free and paid) which makes information accessible and inspiring for business owners at any level. Deonna's workshop challenges entrepreneurs to shift from a "lowest cost" mindset to better communicating the true value of their products and services, steering them away from the race to the bottom. Working with Deonna is going to be a TRANSFORMATIVE experience. You will walk away feeling differently about your own products and services.
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