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  • Do you charge for a discovery session?
    Never! Discovery is completely free. It's usually about an hour, and is casual conversation that allows the two of us to discover a little more about each other, as well as to see if we could potentially work together. There's nothing you need to do to prepare for our session other than maybe grabbing your favorite drink-I'll have coffee.
  • Do you offer strategy sessions?
    I do! We can set up a single-shot strategy session. This is perfect if you want a bit of clarity around your branding, if you'd like to consult on your sales or marketing (have my eyes on what you're doing), or if you simply need ideas. A single-shot strategy session is a 90 minute session with an investment of $500.00. If you would LOVE ongoing strategy, my brain and hands on your entire launch from start to finish, and accountability that actually works, ask me about the 100-Proof Sales Society (shhh, it's a secret....But the fact that you are reading this tells me that you're my kind of human, so.....Set up a discovery session so that we can chat and make sure to mention it ;)
  • Can I get a logo tomorrow?
    Unfortunately, no. BUT, you can come pretty close! Our Limited Edition Humans™ world-building x design fest whips up wicked good design, messaging, and strategy in just 1-3 days. The caveat, I need you to take four weeks to complete The Holy Grail of Wicked Messaging™ and talk to me so that I can deeply understand your aesthetic and nail it the first time around. Ask me about it! Set up a discovery session!
  • I love you! I want you to create EVERYTHING for me, how does that work?"
    Enter your answer here
  • I’m just starting out, do I need branding?"
    This is where you LOVE me, because I'm extremely honest. It's completely possible to get your business off of the ground without branding AND be successful. But, if you would like to fast-track your sales, your desirability, and launch in a way that blows the top off of this thing we call the internet...Branding from the very beginning is a sure-fire way to get you there!
  • I would like to offer branding. Do you work with other studios?
    YES! YES! YES! A bucket-full of YES's! I have a "Marry Me" way of collaborating with other studios and companies. It involves me coming onto your team (as your brand strategist) and helping your clients fall more in love with both you and their businesses. I have built out everything you need to easily tuck my services into your own and sell them as well. Set up a discovery session with me so that we can chat about it!
  • Do you offer an internship program?
    Absolutely! We have an AMAZING internship program. If you're interested in learning more, please send an email to expressing interest!
  • When do you pause the studio?
    Ahhh Le Pause.... I pause the studio several times throughout the year, to make sure I am creatively feeding myself. Here are those times (dates vary year-to-year): December 15-January 15 The last full week of February The full week of May 15 The full week of September 15 All federal holidays
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