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Cyn Price wanted to create a second business that would make it easy for entrepreneurs and freelancers to add their own white-labeled or custom candle lines to their business models. 

Taking advantage of the 3-Day intensive, we spent a few days dreaming up ways to marry science with nature and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

We helped Cyn to name her new Brand: Indie Tonic. "Indie" really spoke to the brave nature of entrepreneurs and freelancers venturing out to do their own thing, and "Tonic" was a direct reference to formulating something from nature. We also helped to brainstorm collection and product names, create a strategy for structuring her services to sell and designed her brand identity (logos, color and font systems).

And with that, the essence of formulation, natural ingredients, nerdiness, and entrepreneurship all had a baby to produce what we affectionately refer to as the "Science Flower."

Indie Tonic Logo Breakdown
Indie Tonic_Logo Options
Indie Tonic Label
Indie Tonic Label_White
Indie Tonic packagine
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