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Indigo Key is a property strategy and management company helping working professionals live in inspired spaces and landlords to become their own banks.

After creating a successful property management company, Chakoha wanted to invest in creating a new brand that balanced "corporate" and "creative". Moreover, she wanted to create a business that reflected her core inspiration for creating the business in the first place; her family.

We got to work diving into her brand strategy. Quickly uncovering Chakoha's wicked ability to turn properties into money printers and create win-win outcomes for both landlords and tenants, we positioned "property strategist" as the nucleus of her DNA. Together, we redefined her offerings, renamed her business, and designed her visual identity- to include logos, colors, fonts, patterns, business cards, and her website framework.

With the belief that "Become a life-long renter" is supremely bad advice for all without an inheritance or assets, Chakoha helps you make a minimum of 10% back on your investment without the stress of giving away your property and cutting your legacy off at the knees.

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Indigo Key chain
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