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Reach is a non-profit organization based in Elizabeth City, NC that helps teens embrace where they come from to know where they're going.

Sean was challenged with creating a brand that would resonate with today's teens; a place where the cool, the tough, the seemingly apathetic, and the brainy would feel like they belonged. But let's face it, no one is racing to sign up to be on the receiving end of "at-risk youth" and MOST teens don't sit around thinking about how much they need mentorship-even if they do in fact need it.

We needed the teens of EC to want to be here on their own and not because a parent or judge ordained it.

I worked closely with Sean to create a brand that would both attract teens AND make the pockets of sponsors excited. To achieve this, we introduced a vibrant brand messaging and a dynamic identity system. The new brand identity, embodied through a distinctive logo, a fresh and engaging color palette, business cards, brand patterns, and program graphics, was meticulously designed to echo the voices and aspirations of the teens it aimed to attract.

Central to our approach was the creation of the proprietary Reach binder, a tool designed to help teens in draft their post-high school game plans-serving as a tangible outcome of Reach's commitment to inspiring Elizabeth City's youth on their individual journeys to self-discovery and success.

Reach Logo Breakdown
Reach Binder
Alley Oop Program Mark
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