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Limited Ed Humans Mock up

The Holy Grail of Wicked Messaging 

The course that helps you craft a sticky message that oozes personality and become bonafide cult cake! Finally find the words that give your work edge and effervescence, make their eyes light up when you share what you do (even if there are 20 other Bobs in the room with a similar offer) and package your brand into a fresh, original idea that goes from a "Nice to have" to an "I gotta have it".

The Holy Grail of Wicked Messaging is how we begin our projects and is the very first step we take in working with our clients!


Limited Edition Humans™ | World-building X Design Fest (Intensives)

After The Holy Grail of Wicked Messaging, we'll launch your entire brand or project with the energy and speed of a world-building and design festival. From strategy and messaging, to all of your design assets (including your website), our intensives will take you from waiting six months to get your work out there to immediately bringing all of the boys & girls to the yard, being loved, and getting shared with a brand that sells itself in less than 3 days flat!

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Let's Work Together

Have an awesome event? Need to host a workshop for your team? We have META workshops, breakouts and pop up experiences at the ready to bring a bit of “Ooh, what’s that?!” to your engagement (the kind that will fill your inbox with praise). 

Send us an email:

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