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Covid 19-Proof Your Business

First thing's first, I hope everyone is holding up well during this lock In period of uncertainty. I know we’re all (as entrepreneurs and business owners) trying to figure out how to keep our businesses afloat WITHOUT having to actually take out a loan for our businesses (cause I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand debt). 


I, like you, have been working to Covid19-proof my business, and so far, I am blessed to say it’s looking good. I’ve been working on the next big thing for my brand (and it’s huge, I can’t wait to share it with you all) and I’ve been helping my current clients put the finishing touches on their brands and next big projects. 


If there is nothing else you remember about me, remember this:

I am extremely scrappy and could literally sell ANYTHING- it’s my thing, I won’t lie- I’m good at it. 


And the thing is, now that I’ve set my business up for the next few months, I still can’t feel good in my spirit if I don’t help as many other people as I can.


SO I have put together an amazing, offer for you- It will NEVER be offered again, and I have limited spots available. BUT in light of COVID 19 I want to pay it forward. 


If you have been feeling stalled in your business or are worried about how to make it through the next few months, I will come in and help you find more money. It involves you and me working one-on-one-that’s right, my hands on your brand and your offerings- to craft a campaign that will help you make money right now.


Here’s who I can definitely help:

  • Existing service or product businesses (meaning you have already sold product to buyers)

  • Those who are serious about their business and are invested in seeing it go the distance.

  • Those who are ready to work.

Smash Box_Icon.png

If, you’re still with me, here’s the offer:

Find the Money: Smash Box Session (normally$497- now $97)

  • Discovery: You’ll answer a few questions about your business so I can maximize our time together in our strategy session. 

  • Smash Box Session: We will discover your most profitable offer or campaign to bring in consistent income over the next few months. 

  • The Offer: I will help you identify, price and name your new offer/campaign, and then together we will figure out your plan of attack-how you will actually start selling it.

  • Make Money: This session is designed to help you start making money immediately. All you need is the moxie to show up and pull the trigger. 

The thing is.........

There has to be commitment and investment on both sides. I know that I can help- I’ve done it over and over again successfully- but you have to be willing to execute and show up.


If a Smash Box Session sounds like something that will definitely help you, and you can promise to show up committed and ready to work, I can promise you that you will make your investment back. I already plan to help you make much more than $97 during this time. 


I look forward to helping you during this time, and giving you a powerful tool that you can whip out whenever you are in a pinch and need money quickly- and it doesn’t involve debt, pyramid marketing (not knocking it), or anything else that you wouldn’t enjoy doing.


Ready to make more money to Covid19-Proof your business?

Let’s do it then!






I will be able to offer this extremely limited-time offer until May 1, 2020. 

  • What if I'm just getting started?
    What do you consider just getting started? You don’t have to have had a lot of success, you just need to have been able to sell your product or service at least three times. This session in particular is designed to turn around profit fast, so we have to start with something. BUT if you are just getting started or looking to build a brand new brand, and are having a tough time during this pandemic, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll point you in the right direction!
  • What will I have to create? How do I know it will work?
    I will not suggest that you do anything you don’t already do or suggest that you do something that is not in line with what you already do. You will not have to learn a new skill set or do anything that would take a significant amount of time to pull off.
  • Will you issue a REFUND?
    At the end of our session, we will agree or disagree about whether or not you feel confident to make money using the offer we craft together. This will be the ONLY opportunity for a refund-if I truly can’t help you (which I do not see happening at all). Otherwise, there will be NO REFUNDS issued due to the super-reduced nature of this offer.
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