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Build A Sticky Hero Brand!

Updated: 6 days ago

With Determination & Discipline, Anything Is Possible.


Where there is a will, you will find a way every single time. With unbridled determination, focus, skill and conviction, you not only believe that anything is possible, you believe in your own ability to make it so. Train harder. Go faster. Work smarter. After all, if it doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger, right? Your relentless pursuit of your goals makes you a magnet to others, as they simply want to be near you long enough to soak up some of that inspiration. And you are happy to go to war, fight any battle, and take on any challenge head-on with an impressive level of bravery and skill in order to see others (mainly the underdog) win! Winning, to you, is our birthright. Ever the hero, you're willing to put yourself at personal risk to help someone who can't help themselves, but for those who can, you have every expectation that........ They better.


So why build a Hero brand? Your first commitment is to yourself-you seek to be your personal best-to prove to yourself that you can overcome your greatest challenge. THEN, you motivate the world that they can do the same- to achieve their greatest level of success and mastery with a little focus and determination.


You create experiences that make people feel more INVIGORATED, FOCUSED, BRAVE, and CAPABLE. You'd just as soon saw off your own left bicep before making excuses, giving up, or failing. Your messaging encourages others to favor courage, to be a warrior, to beat their personal bests, and to get focused and disciplined in order to succeed or win. Your super-power is seeing a challenge as an opportunity to change any situation, and to attack it with an energy that is unrivaled.



While there are universal truths about the Hero archetype, there are shades to this! On one end of the spectrum, you may be preoccupied with achieving your own greatest level of success . On the other end, you may be considered the power behind waging war in order to snuff out injustice or tyranny for an entire group of people.


Here is the quick and dirty hit list of traits, brand do's and don'ts, themes and IN THE WILD examples to inspire your sticky Hero brand elements!

  • Strong

  • Courageous

  • Resilient

  • Inspiring

  • Triumphant

  • Motivational

  • Self-Confident

  • Determined

  • Direct

  • Self-Disciplined

  • Push

  • Challenge

  • Self-Sacrifice for the greater good

  • Bravery

  • Redemption

  • Transformation

  • Resilience

  • Strength

  • Bold colors

  • High-energy

  • Inner-Life Force

  • Straight or angled lines

  • Faith

  • Bully/Antagonize

  • Weakness

  • Arrogance

  • Delusions of Grandeur

  • Soft colors or lines

  • Believe In Failure

  • Give Up

  • Lazy

  • Create battles where there are none

  • Incompetence

  • Excuses

Your offers lead your audience to personal success and help them to overcome any obstacle or challenge standing in their way by tackling their mindset, physical, and emotional fitness. Consider:

  • Lead magnet: A 30-Day Challenge for Transformation

  • Hero product: Group Coaching | DIY program

  • High-end service: one-on-one coaching and accountability

On-brand themes + perspectives to jumpstart a brilliant brand story!


Share a story that highlights your own personal challenges and struggles. Share in detail about the exact steps you took to overcome them. Show the edges of your humanity (Were there times when you wanted to quit or give up? What got your through the storm?) THEN, show others exactly what they need to do to get similar results for themselves.


  • Man Vs. Machine

  • Man Vs. Himself

  • Slaying The Dragon

  • What Didn't Kill Me

  • The War On...

Word Bank//

  • Champion

  • Warrior

  • Winning

  • To-Do List

  • Goals

  • No Excuses

  • Victory

  • Strong

  • Survive

  • Thrive

  • Actionable

  • Challenge

  • Courage

  • Improve

  • Proud

  • Motivation

  • Self-Discipline

  • Overcome

  • Skill

  • Fight

  • Protect

  • Do Better

  • Go Harder

  • Determination

  • Greatness

  • Results

  • Epic

Be inspired by other Hero brands out in the wild!

  • Nike

  • The US Army

  • Fed Ex

  • Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Luke Skywalker

  • Hercules


Sticky brands carefully blend two or three archetypes into an irresistible cocktail to tell a richer, more nuanced story and connect in ways that feel more human and desirable! Grab this free slingshot to help you craft your sticky brand right now!


The information shared within this article is based on the psychology-backed work of Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson as well as Margaret Hartwell and Joshua C. Chen.

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