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Build A Sticky Sage Brand!

Updated: 6 days ago

I Know but One Freedom and That Is Freedom of The Mind.


Is there anything sexier than intellect? If there was, surely you would have already discovered it. You're one who spends days engaged in intellectual conversation, sharing your opinions and ideas (backed completely by objective research, stats, experts, and theories) on how if humans just applied obvious reasoning, we could actually create a better-more human world. You get lost in mysteries, puzzles, uncovering truths, and find your identity in being a thinker and lifelong learner- generous both in spirit and discernment. You have an endless fascination with understanding how things and people alike work, and are fueled by a fundamental belief that this knowledge must be shared. Then and only then, could we be truly free.


So why build a Sage brand? You first exist to discover your innermost truth and competencies THEN add value to others by leading them to truth in order to better understand and improve the world around them.


You create experiences that make people feel more ENLIGHTENED, IN THE KNOW, and COMPETENT. You'd just as soon take a shot of rubbing alcohol to the eye before moving in a way that feels irresponsible and take it deeply personal when someone wastes your time with unfounded, pointless conversation or information. Your messaging encourages others to seek out the truth for themselves (you make people think), pass along what they learn, and use knowledge to innovate for the greater good.


Expert | Scholar | Detective | Oracle | Advisor | Philosopher | Teacher | Thinker

While there are universal truths about the Sage archetype, there are shades to this! On one end of the spectrum, you may be someone who has taken on a support role to teach someone what you know-empowering them to think for themselves . On the other end, you may be considered a source of knowledge having transcended the material world.


Here is the quick and dirty hit list of traits, brand do's and don'ts, themes and IN THE WILD examples to inspire your sticky Sage brand elements!

  • Intelligent

  • Understanding

  • Guiding

  • Rational

  • Influential

  • Factual

  • Authoritative

  • Wise

  • Decisive

  • Responsible

  • Objectivity

  • Life-long learning

  • Research + Investigation

  • Follow your curiosity

  • Clarity

  • Growth/Change

  • Competence

  • Stats, Facts, Reports, Studies

  • Truth-Seeking

  • Share Information

  • Puzzles

  • Stagnation

  • Confusion

  • Doubt

  • Disconnect from reality

  • Incompetence

  • Mislead or be misled

  • Fluff

  • Untrustworthy sources

Your offers lead your audience to deeper understanding and help them to learn, grow, expand their capacity, and form their own opinions and theories. Consider:

  • Lead magnet: A Guide or Infographic (learning system)

  • Hero product: Strategy Session, Course, or Think Tank

  • High-end service: Mastermind

On-brand themes + perspectives to jumpstart a brilliant brand story!


Is there a puzzle, anomaly, irony or inconsistency in your story? Make it the star, keeping your revelation of how it changed your way of thinking- and thereby your world-until the end (This uses the information gap technique or the "I know something you don't know" angle- and our human minds are hard-wired to fill in the gap, holding hostage our attention). End your story by telling us how you solved the puzzle, how it helped you; and as a result, how it will help your audience.


  • The great Awakening

  • Self-Reflection

  • Testing Assumptions

  • Knowledge is Power/Wealth/Access

  • Analyzing Patterns

Word Bank//

  • Wise

  • Intellectual

  • Trusted

  • Respected

  • Connoisseur

  • Mindset

  • Mentor

  • Truth

  • Facts

  • Proofs

  • Theories

  • Value

  • Laws of the Universe

  • Genius

  • Brilliant

  • Proven

  • Knowledge

  • Complex

  • Concepts

  • Laboratory/ Lab

  • Curriculum

  • Method

  • Experiment

  • Code

  • Research

  • Class

  • Engineer

Be inspired by other Sage brands out in the wild!

  • The Wall Street Journal

  • The Smithsonian

  • CNN

  • Barnes & Noble

  • Shirlock Holmes

  • Morpheus


Sticky brands carefully blend two or three archetypes into an irresistible cocktail to tell a richer, more nuanced story and connect in ways that feel more human and desirable! Grab this free slingshot to help you craft your sticky brand right now!


The information shared within this article is based on the psychology-backed work of Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson as well as Margaret Hartwell and Joshua C. Chen.

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