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Build A Sticky Jester Brand!

Updated: 5 days ago

If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be A Part Of Your Revolution.


You're the light in the darkness, the joke in the silence, the spark that sets the world ablaze with laughter. You, my friend, are the Jester, master of play, architect of jokes, and the genius who flips the world on its head just for the kick of it. You're the one bending perspectives, playing with words, and painting everyday life with strokes of the unexpected. Speaking truth to power? That's your morning cup of Joe.

You're not just about laughs; you're about showcasing beauty in chaos, finding change in the static, and surprising us with your wicked intellect. Your mind's a playground, untouched by the boring chains of reason, and boy, do you know the inner secrets of the world's workings! With a flair for the dramatic, you dance around tradition and societal norms like they're standing still, using your toolset of parody, satire, and comedy to infiltrate the layers of the pretty serious world outside.

But here's the thing—you wear your heart on your sleeve, always ready with a self-deprecating quip, reminding us that life's choices are ours to make from how we see the world, to the paths we tread, to the expressions we wear. You're irreverent, mischievous, and see life as the grand canvas for wild, unfiltered opportunity. You're all about living in the now, craving those sensory delights that make life worth the ride.

Your genius doesn't just lie in making us laugh; you're a true student of humanity and the arts, an awakener of sleeping souls. With your arsenal of improvisation, shock, and sheer absurdity, you offer us that much-needed escape from our daily grind. You break the unbreakable, say the unsayable, and in doing so, you give us permission to truly be free.


So why build a Jester brand? You first exist to live in the moment and make your own life enjoyable (without censorship) THEN add value to others by bringing levity to hard situations and to ultimately lighten up the world.


You create experiences that make people feel more ENTERTAINED, LIGHT, and AMUSED. You'd just as soon take a shot of rubbing alcohol to the eye before spending a single second bored, complaining, being censored or following anyone else's rules. Your messaging encourages others to have fun, and see life as a playground of opportunity-away from the grind and burdens of daily life.



While there are universal truths about the Jester archetype, there are shades to this! On one end of the spectrum, you may simply want to make someone laugh through silliness and absurdity. On the other end, you may be challenging entire power structures by shifting perspectives with shock, irony and wicked-intellect.


Here is the quick and dirty hit list of traits, brand do's and don'ts, themes and IN THE WILD examples to inspire your sticky Jester brand elements!

  • Original

  • Irreverent/Comical

  • Intelligent

  • Easy-going/Fun

  • Surprising

  • Expressive

  • Excited/Enthused

  • Self-Deprecating

  • Wicked Intelligent

  • Light

  • Bold originality

  • Unapologetic truth

  • Fun/Levity

  • Mischief

  • Individual expression

  • Laughter

  • Live in the moment

  • Play

  • Act up

  • Make jokes

  • Turn things on their heads

  • Bend perspective

  • Twist meaning

  • Make surprising connections + interpretations

  • Speak truth to those in power/authority

  • Appreciate change + beauty

  • Wicked intellect

  • Satire + parody

  • Shock

  • Sensory pleasure

  • Be a student of humanity

  • Awaken Consciousness

  • Improvise

  • Provocation

  • Foolishness

  • Boring

  • Expected

  • Censor

  • Follow rules

  • Take anything too seriously

  • Norms or conventions

  • Behave

  • Wallow

  • Sulk

  • Passive delivery

  • Dilute

  • Party Poopers

  • Ernest

  • Uptight

Your offers lead your audience to escape the reality of their current situation by opening them up to possibility and perspective AKA make life easier. Consider:

  • Lead magnet: A Giveaway or Game

  • Hero product: Fun Workshop/Improv session

  • High-end service: Experiential Services (where people can make things and lose themselves in the moment-or goat yoga ; )

On-brand themes + perspectives to jumpstart a brilliant brand story!


A Story of Unexpected Insight. Look back over your story, what are the most relatable parts? The average person would see it one way, but not you. Isn't it funny how we've all been duped into believing this misconception? Funny ha-ha! Tell your story using irony, satire or irreverence to create a tickle in our sides. Your story is the Tik Tok that we forward to our closest circle of friends because it made us laugh so hard.


  • Laughing Through The Pain

  • Sunny Side Up

  • As It Turns Out...

  • An Unexpected Surprise

  • Joke's On Me (or You)

Word Bank//

  • Play

  • Laugh

  • Enjoy

  • Fun

  • Improv

  • Perspective

  • Expression

  • Provoke

  • Sensory

  • Pleasure

  • Child-like

  • Irreverence

  • Humor

  • Box

  • Balloon

  • Party

  • Stage

  • MIC

  • Originality

  • Trick

  • Joke

  • Crazy

  • Silly

  • Surprise

  • Confetti

Be inspired by other (Archetype) brands out in the wild!

  • Doritos

  • Geico

  • Buble

  • Saturday Night Live

  • Robin Williams

  • Dave Chapelle


Sticky brands carefully blend two or three archetypes into an irresistible cocktail to tell a richer, more nuanced story and connect in ways that feel more human and desirable! Grab this free slingshot to help you craft your sticky brand right now!


The information shared within this article is based on the psychology-backed work of Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson as well as Margaret Hartwell and Joshua C. Chen.

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